October Light & Granite Hues, Chapel Porth

An Original Acrylic on Canvas painting



Prints available from Gallery 5


This is the second painting I’ve done featuring a rainbow and Chapel Porth never disappoints when they appear, as with all locations you never quite know what to expect & thats half the fun, in particular Chapel Porth and this little corner around the headland has been a real fascination for me. Only accessible at low tides so you really have to keep a watchful eye on the tide, being local I would never hear the end of it were I have to be rescued due to being cut off.

This particular October morning conditions were ideal for rainbows and one after the other they sprung to life revealing all there colourful glory, due to tide conditions and the sea state what actually appears in terms of the Granite boulders is determined by how the sand has shifted, this day quite a lot was revealed but I was down there one summer sunset this year and the sand had almost covered all the boulders so its pretty amazing the power of the sea & what it wants to reveal.

This original has now sold but full size & medium limited edition prints are available from Gallery 5.


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