April Shadows, towards Tregerthen

An original Acrylic painting




This is only the second tree i’ve painted in such a full scale way, the first being on Bodmin Moor, so it was a real challenge especially when there aren’t many leaves on the tree as its very easy to either paint the branches too thick and too dense, you have to know when to stop as you can’t paint them back out so its a slow delicate process !

This particular tree is situated at Wicca in the area of West Penwith, a real favourite location of mine and I’ve recently discovered the farm has a real rich history dating back hundreds of years so adds a real sense of history.

The tree is typical of many in Cornwall but especially this close to the Sea as the prevailing winds shape and curve many of the Hawthorn trees into these wind blown shapes that I find really appealing.

This original is framed using a lovely Ash frame, a very deep bevel white wooden inner mount and a top mount of Peterboro Conservation Glacier White.

Image size 263mm x 461mm

Frame size approx 430mm x 621mm

£795.00 SOLD



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