Last Light on Iron Age Wall, towards Zennor & Gurnards Head

An original Acrylic on canvas painting

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This location I stumbled across about 2 years ago, it was winter and I was trekking the coast looking for new locations, the light that day wasn’t great but it was always on my mind to return. Its quite a trek to get to but thats half the fun, this particular evening earlier this year I was umming & urging about whether to make the trek as its a good 1.5 hours from home, but something was telling me to go, I was driving down through the rain but by the time I was walking I could see the cloud beginning to break and was treated to a fantastic sunset, the location was just as id remembered only being sunset the atmosphere was amazing.

My love of the coast, Granite & Lichens meant this was one painting definitely on my to do list and I shall hopefully do more work off in the future, the wall I believe in doing some research dates from the Iron Age & looking at the Lichen festooning it I can see how, it is literally covered from top to bottom and looks all furry, Lichen is a good sign of clean air so perched here high on the cliffs show how clean it is.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size & weight of this & risk of glass breakage, this Original will only be available to collect from the gallery.

The original size of the image is 450mm x 450mm and will be framed using special Tru-View Ultra view non-reflective high clarity glass.

Prints will be available at original size and a reduced image size of 350mm x 350mm


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