Evenings Last Reflections, Mousehole

An Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting




Mousehole just has to be one of my favourite locations, I’ve been to many harbours now looking for new locations but there is something about Mousehole that just keeps drawing me back, I’ve painted Mousehole before with a half tide and really enjoyed the challenge so felt I could attempt something much larger, this certainly challenged me and took by far the longest I’ve ever spent on a painting, there were some real technical challenges, the see thru water being one & the amount of rigging involved, something I’ve not painted on this scale before & involved a very very steady hand and lots of holding of breathes, in the end I was guarding this painting with my life as id put so much into it and just didn’t want anything to go wrong so I’m very pleased to be able to have it complete.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size & weight of this & risk of glass breakage, this Original will only be available to collect from the gallery

Prints will be available at full size & a medium size similar as in other works in gallery 2

The Original image size is 355mm x 767mm and framed measures approx 545mm x 957mm

The original will be framed using special Tru-View Ultra View non-reflective, clarity glass


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