Reference Shot Tips

For portraits I try to work from photographs 7″x5″ in size in either digital or non-digital form, if using digital then set your camera to the largest/best setting as this will help with the quality of the image. If you are able to take some photos specifically for me then there are a few factors to remember, try to think how you best think of your pet/human and try and capture that view, it is best to shoot in good natural light but not direct, bright sunlight. Sat near a favoured window indoors or outside on a cloudy day is always best, try to avoid grass as the colour reflects back onto the animal and can look unnatural.

Always try and get down to your pets eye level when taking photos and shoot as many as you can as you will have a greater chance of capturing that favoured shot ! Patience is a virtue when photographing animals! Humans are obviously easier to work with!  If you would like two or more animals in one portrait it is best to photograph them separately, with at least one photograph of them together so that they can be compared in size to each other.

When photographing dogs, cats or horses if you wish to include any collars or tack try and take a close up shot of any detailing. If you wish a head collar to be left out of a portrait, this is possible but it is best to take the photograph without it in the first place to achieve the best result. If your pet has sadly passed away and you don’t have many good photos, please feel free to send as many that you do have as it is possible to produce a good likeness. If you aren’t sure if the photos you have are suitable then please feel free to contact me to discuss. If you are happy to send them, I can look and see if they are possible to work from. You can send your photos either via email, JPEGS only, or if sending hard copies please use Recorded or Special delivery.

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