Memory Jewellery

Death is a part of being a human on this earth and how we go through the journey when we loose someone close to us will be different for every one of us. From the 1500″s to present day jewellery has been used for mourning with the Victorians being the biggest wearers of mourning jewellery.

It was November 2016 when I was asked by a dear friend if I would make a piece for her. I wanted to do this with respect and care knowing how emotions are raw and heightened at such a difficult time and through working with her I can now offer this service to others.

On receiving the ashes they will be placed on my little “alter” with the feathers, crystals and a candle.

They shall sit there until I feel ready that they are happy to be with me and you and I have talked and designed a piece that will be cherished. This can be anything from a Feather or even one of the Animal pieces. The ashes will be encased in silver and topped with 9ct Gold making it look like a flower and through the whole process I shall take photos, have a candle burning and have fresh flowers that they may have loved as well as sage and aromatherapy oils burning, all of this can be personalised to your wishes. Here are some of the photos of the work I did for my friend.

Each of these commission will be different, different flowers, different oils to burn, different colour candles and maybe even different music! I want to do each piece with respect and love both for the one who’s ashes I will be working with and the person who I am making the piece for.

You can see the pieces I have already made here but if you wish to commission me to make a piece for you please do email, message me or phone me to talk over any ideas.

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