Two new Stile Paintings

Winter Stile at Wicca resampSquare stile finished resample



I have just completed the largest Stile painting I have ever done, at nearly half a metre square it was certainly a challenge, getting the balance right with the tones of light and dark was tricky but I’m really pleased with how it has turned out, there is further information on my “originals” page.

Prior to this piece I have also completed my first ever Stile painting in the snow, from the same location as the large square painting, and one of my favourite locations whatever time of year. More information on my “Originals” page.

I am currently working on another large square format painting of Mousehole, this one involves lots of tricky reflections in water, I haven’t worked out how i’m going to attempt it yet but I like the challenge and hopefully by the time I reach it I’ll have come up with a plan of action 🙂

You can follow more updates on my work by following me on Facebook @ Gary Hall Art, just follow the link on the homepage 🙂


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