_Blackberries & Ferns, Porthmeor, an Original Acrylic Painting

An Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting




This new Painting is the first I’ve ever done featuring Blackberries and Ferns during there change of colour during Autumn. Having previously only spent the Spring & Summer months & when it Snows during Winter gathering reference, this was the first time ive ventured out during Autumn and Winter to capture some reference and its been really rewarding, the colours are so diffrent and due to the height of the sun and temperature, the light change is really noticeble to.

The reference for this Painting I captured during the last half of Septemeber, a bit chilly but thats why the Ferns start to change and it was quite nice to have a snack on hand in the form of blackberries, very yummy. This was certainly a challenging painting with so much detail, my 2/0 (very small) brushes were working overtime, one section I spent approx 2 days on an area about 10cm sq.

The size of the image of this original is 241mm x 343mm approx and framed it measures 425 x 530mm

It is framed using special Tru-Vue UltraVue glass which blocks 70% of UV light, has 98.5% Light Transmission & less than 1% of Light Reflection as opposed to the more than 10% of standard glass, so it greatly reduces reflections.

It is mounted using Peterboro Conservation Glacier White Mountboard and a deep bevel white wood fillet (I can always send you an image of it framed if required)

All materials used confirm to conservation standards and are Acid free where apllicable for long term stability

An original Acrylic Painting, Framed

Image Size 24.15cm x 34.3cm

Price includes postage


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