First light, Zawn Trevilley


An Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting


This is another new location for me & one I will definetly be revisiting. The sheer Granite cliffs & Lichen covered cliff top boulders in this whole stretch of coast are just amazing.

After a 3.30am start time & a long drive to reach the location I then had an hours walk to reach some of the areas I thought could have potential. I started walking at 4.30am, it was so quiet & peaceful as the sun slowly rose, with just the dawn chorus & Foxes & Badgers to keep my company along the way. I reached my area of interest & literally didn’t know where to look as there were so many areas that grabbed but for this Painting I chose this view looking towards Zawn Trevilley (the meaning of Zawn is “A deep and narrow sea-inlet in the British Isles, especially Cornwall and the south-west, cut by erosion into sea-cliffs, and with steep or vertical side-walls”)

Hopefully I’ve been able to capture some its beauty & majesty, but it turned out to be one of the most time consuming, complex Paintings I’ve undertaken.

This is a new size for me, the image dimensions are 450mm x 590mm.

The framed size dimensions are 650mm x 790mm.

This original will be framed using my usual Ash frame with a deep bevel mount & Tru-View Ultra view glass, enhanced clarity, anti-reflection & UV Protection.

Due to the size & risk of glass breakage, this Original will only be available for collection from the Gallery.



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