Under a Moonlit Sky, Mousehole Quay

An Original Acrylic on Canvas painting




Well, after many many hours of researching, visiting Mousehole on a few occasions under Moonlight and tackling a subject I’ve not tackled before I’m pleased to be able to show my first painting of the wonder that is Moonlight.

Mousehole is one of my favourite locations so I thought it a good choice to be my first painting of Moonlight, I had to make sure I was there at the right time, the right tide & of course the most unpredictable of all the weather, which fortunately was very kind to me, this particular evening was in November when the Moon appears at one of its largest sizes, ie, a Supermoon. The evening was full of atmosphere & I think I was there till gone midnight capturing all sorts of different view points & angles. This particular angle was similar to a view I’ve painted before & the Moon rose across the scene perfectly, so again I thought this was would be ideal as my first.

In painting this I had many challenges, of course the Moon being one of them & just how I was going to go about painting it, the sky along with the Moon was one of the most difficult sections I’ve ever undertaken, but I found a technique & process that I’m very ,very pleased with.

With this being tonally a very dark painting to what I normally do also was a challenge, as I work a section at a time it was quite distracting having so much white against such dark areas i’d already done, but once the foreground was painted in it came together just as I had invisioned.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size & weight of this & risk of glass breakage to post, this Original will only be available to collect from the gallery.

The original size of the image is 450mm x 450mm and will be framed using special Tru-View Ultra view non-reflective high clarity glass.

Prints will be available at original size and a reduced image size of 350mm x 350mm




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