Sunrise at St.Breward, Bodmin Moor


An original Acrylic on Canvas Painting


This was a Painting I have wanted to do for so long. I have Painted a fair few Stiles over the years but I dont think i’ve come across one this high with the most far reaching view as this one.

I actually found this Stile one Autumn while exploring a series of Stiles on the outskirts of St.Breward, i’d parked about 5 mins away from it but only on returning to my car did i think to take a last minute walk to a footpath id spotted across the road, I went through one stile & then came across this one, the lights was dull & fading that day but I knew I had to return in the summer months to really see what the foliage would be like.

As is usual I took a few visits to get what I wanted, this was quite a moment for me as on the day of arriving, about 5.30am it was perfect conditions, no wind & glowing sunrise rising. I captured loads of good reference, spent the rest of the morning exploring the area & headed home thinking id captured a good days worth of reference only to find i’d lost the memory while changing one in a field, so I went back up, a good 45 min drive away, on hands & knees trying to find a Memory card the size of postage stamp in a field of long Grass, yes it was impossible, so the very next day conditions luckily were exactly the same & I was able to re-shoot the whole lot, a lesson well learnt, make sure memory cards are safely zippered away !!

The Painting itself had many challenges, balancing the sky with the foreground but it was the amount of foliage that was the biggest challenge especially the Ivy, it was like a big jigsaw puzzle trying to work out what was leaf & what wasnt, concentration levels had to be super high with this piece but I’m so pleased with how it turned out especially considering the story in getting the reference ! I hope to return to it through the seasons, in the Snow would be amazing but I would need a 4×4 to get to it 🙂

The Image size is 350mm x 459mm & framed (inc Moulding) is approx. 530mm x 640mm

This original will be framed with Ash, a deep bevel fillet & Conservation level Mountboard

Due to the size & the risk of glass breakage this Original is available either to collect from the Gallery or I have a specialist art courier who can deliver, the cost of this service is approximate £100 depending on location, please get in touch if you have any further questions as this can take a few weeks depending on which region the Courier is visiting on any certain week.



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